Our Approach

Your resume is your “first impression, foot in the door”. Advantage Resumes helps you achieve an effective marketing tool that sells your experience and qualifications to an employer, and opens doors for interviews. Roxie at Advantage Resumes will give you a well written resume with industry power words in an easy-to-read format that is concise and well-organized that passes the 15-second scan test.

Our Qualifications

Roxie is an Academy Certified Resume Writer who has been writing successful resumes since 1980.  She has vast experience in writing high impact resumes that are targeted to a specific industry and job role, two critical elements in the effectiveness of your resume.  Her deep understanding of computer scannable resumes can get you through the gate keeper.

Five reasons why you should use Advantage Resumes:

  1. 20+ Years Writing Experience
  2. Free One-on-One Consultation (Interviews with strategy, insight and personal service.)
  3. Professional Design and Scannable Formatting
  4. Affordably Priced
  5. Editable file always provided (Word)

At Advantage Resumes, WE:

  • Articulate your career objective
  • Decipher your career summary
  • Vicariously sell rather than tell
  • Accentuate industry key words
  • Note your key achievements
  • Test it as an interviewing tool
  • Accommodate the 15-second scan test
  • Generate it to target your industry
  • Empower the resume to sell YOU!

Next Steps...

Call or email to set up a time for us to discuss your goals and start writing your cost effective, high-impact, personalized resume.